The medical wing of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is making great strides in its service to humanity.
The six hospitals currently in operation under the aegis of Pramukh Health Services - the Sanstha’s medical services arm, offer high quality charitable medical services to all at very concessional and affordable rates. The six hospitals together treat more than 19,500 patients every month, including 1,200 indoor patients.


'Pramukh Swami Eye Hospital' in Mumbai (Bombay), opened in 1995, has been serving for more than 5 years now and presently caters to more than 6,000 patients every month – including 400 surgical procedures & operations. A total of more than 385,900 patients have benefited from treatment at this hospital, which includes speciality and super speciality treament for ophthalmological diseases.


'Pramukh Swami General Hospital' in Dabhoi, Dist. Baroda, was inaugurated by Swamishri in May 2000, and has since become a nodal medical center for all villages surrounding Dabhoi. With 9 full time and 5 visiting doctors, the hospital treats more than 2,200 patients per month. It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment for laboratory testing, and is the most modern and trusted hospital for all surrounding villages.


More than 5,700 patients benefit every month from the charitable services of TMV Hospital in Botad town, Dist. Bhavnagar. Around 122,000 surgeries have been performed in this hospital in the last 3 years – an astounding average of 3,300 surgeries per month.


'Pramukh Swami Health Services and Research Center' ( PHCRC ), Ahmedabad , has served 126,073 patients since its opening in December 1996, with its dedicated team of 5 full time and 21 visiting doctors. PHCRC’s physicians treat an average of 1,300 people every month, while more than 500 patients benefit from the full time dental department.
A unique feature of PHCRC is the Ayurvedic department, begun recently, which has treated nearly 4,000 people so far, using traditional herbal medicines.

'Pramukh Swami Primary Health Center', Chansad, Dist. Baroda. Set up in Swamishri’s birthplace, this health center was opened very recently in September 2000. It has gained speedily in reputation and has been visited by nearly 8,000 patients so far – an average of 800 per month, which is creditable in such a small village. This popularity is due to the high standard of treatment provided to patients from surrounding villages.

'Pramukh Swami Hospital', Atladra (Baroda) , is our latest hospital, opened in February 2001. But even in this short time, the hospital has established a name for itself and caters to nearly 2,000 patients per month. With many specialities like orthopaedics, opthalmology, gynaecology, dental, ENT, dermatology, physiology and aid in other disciplines offered to the patients, the hospital is building up a good reputation in the city.

The abovehospitals also offer additional facilities such as X-ray and laboratory testing facilities. More than 32,000 X-rays and 158,000 laboratory tests have been performed at these hospitals, in addition to other tests such as ECG, TMT and Echo-cardiogram.


BAPS Mobile Medical Vans. The Sanstha has also gauged a need for medical aid in interior villages where patients do not have easy access to hospitals or health centers. The ideal way to reach them is by Mobile Medical Vans (MMVs). BAPS now has 6 MMVs operating in tribal areas. These vans now cover nearly the whole tribal belt of Gujarat. Each van has a doctor, a pharmacist and a driver, and carries enough medical supplies for common diseases and treatment. The MMV has a fixed itinerary, staying in each village for half a day, covering 12 villages in its six day weekly agenda. These vans are now treating an average of nearly 14,000 patients every month, providing consultation and free medicines worth more than Rs. 360 per day.

In addition to the 6 MMVs, BAPS has now launched 2 more MMVs to tour the earthquake affected areas and administer medical help to those injured or traumatised by the Gujarat earthquake of January 2001.

In addition to running these medical institutions, BAPS also provides financial and technical aid to other hospitals. BAPS contributed to the setting up of Pramukh Swami Medical College, Karamsad, to further medical education in the country. Many needy students studying medicine are given scholarships every year.

The latest endeavor of Pramukh Health Services is to start the construction of Diagnostic Health Centers in the earthquake affected villages and a large hospital in Bhuj to serve the local population of the city and surrounding villages.

Various medical services are available at these centers of medical excellence. A summary of the services available and patients treated till now is given below :

(only OPD)
Avg/ month
MMVs* (Vans)
16910 1156
103570 2723
405675 7346
General Surgery
127337 3954

2955 260414
9535 840
33444 550
15730 387
14350 387
3513 84
538 10
6599 640
Dental Surgery
205 68
2051 63
9084 233
  751,496 18,728  
Not including Chansad and MMVs
Mobile Medical Vans (MMVs)
32060 1270
Lab Tests
156461 3505
12746 407
1016 134
11043 284
Echo Cardiogram

1512 29
Treadmill test

1818 35
  216,656 5,663

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