Atlanta Mandal celebrated 110th Janmotsav of Yogiji Maharaj with devotion and jubilation. It was a combined effort by Balaks, Kishores, Kishories, Yuvaks, and Yuvati. One stage was decorated with an incident from Yogiji Maharaj’s life at Akshar Deri when he was bitten by a snake. attended by over 1200 devotees.
Following the jivan bhavana of Yogiji Maharaj to do good of all, BAPS Medical Services organized an eye examination camp between 9am and 3pm. Vision, glaucoma, and retina tests were performed on 100 people. This camp was successful due to Dr. Chen, eye surgeon, and five other physicians, along with 15 volunteers from BAPS Medical Services.
Another unique feature of the festival was an exhibition on the life and work of Yogiji Maharaj prepared by Atlanta Kishore and Kishori mandals. The exhibition was comprised of three sections: 1. Timeline of Yogiji Maharaj, 2. Seven Pillars of Yogi Geeta, and 3. Satpurush na Sankalpo that included 7 min multimedia presentation on Yogi Bapa's wishes coming true through Pramukh Swami Bapa (Satsang in America, London Mandir, Akshardham). More than 430 guests visited the exhibition, which will run for the next 3 weekends.
During the samaiyo, Yuvaks sang Kirtans, and narrated prasangs of Yogiji Maharaj’s life. Six Balaks told why they love their Guru and the mandir. Saints spoke on Sanskar – Ghadtar. Kishores and Kishoris who recently graduated were recognized.

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