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Dimension: Total Area 99,513 sq ft, Length 320 ft, Width 120 ft, Height 55 ft

Lower Level: Kitchen 5,500 sq ft, Dining Hall 14,000 sq ft, Ladies Activity Center 4,925 sq ft, Library 900 sq ft, BAPS Medical Services and Senior Citizen Activities

Ground Level: Foyer 3,500 sq ft, Publication 600 sq ft, Auditorium 17,680 sq ft, Sky Lights - 4

Upper Level: Administrative Offices 2,250 sq ft, Conference Hall 900 sq ft, Computer Center 225 sq ft, Audio/ Video 500 sq ft, Classrooms 1,675 sq ft and Nursery

Artwork Features
The entire Haveli portico and foyer artwork is of hand carved wood
Intricate hand carved wooden pillars
Curving arches
Exquisite balconies and viewing windows
Royal Indian elephants
Dancing peacocks and swans
Floating lotus flowers
Traditional symbols

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