During personal contact the children were sometimes rejected, refused entry, threatened and even slapped and pushed out. But still their tenacity and spirit to strive never ebbed. Their heroic efforts reflect an incredible will and sentiment to serve society. We present some of the efforts and experiences of children:

* A team of child volunteers approached a man in Surat. After explaining the toxic and cancerous effects of smoking the man confessed, "After giving up addictions twice I started again. But this time I want to resolve to give it up once and for all." The leader of the group, Bhavesh told him, "Uncle, the last two times you had relied on your own strength but this time you will have the strength of God and his holy Sadhu." The man then took his five-year old son in his lap, placed his hand on his child's head and pledged never to smoke. On seeing this his wife became emotional and expressed, "Pramukh Swami has saved my child from becoming an orphan."

* A group of girls in Amdavad approached a Nepali called Mohan Roy. For 25 years he has been a hard-core addict habituated to smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking and other vices. When the girls explained to him he replied, "I am working at the Civil Hospital and each day I see the sufferings of cancer patients."
"Then why haven't you given up?" the girls enquired.
"Because I like it," he replied.
After the girls debated with him for thirty-five minutes he said, "I am an atheist but on seeing your effort I promise I'll give it up gradually."

* In Vadodara, a team of boys from Vadi Mandal saw a man bathing outside his hovel, intoxicated with liquor. When they explained to him to give up his habit, he angrily threw his bucket at them. The children retreated for a while and prayed to God to bless him with a change of conscience. And surprisingly, the man repented for his action, called the children and apologized to them and pledged to give up his drinking habit altogether.

* Two teenage volunteers, Mayur and Suraj of Maninagar, Amdavad, entered a slum area. They asked a man whether he had any addictions. The man, Vagh Fakirchand Kachrachand, replied that he had all types of addictions. When Mayur started explaining its fatal effects, Fakirchand exploded angrily and slapped him and told him to get out. But Mayur remained resolute and started explaining again. Fakirchand succumbed to Mayur's unflagging spirit and listened to what he had to say. Eventually he bowed before Mayur, apologised and pledged not only to give up liquor but also to close down his four small breweries. Fakirchand also vowed to inspire others to give up liquor.

* Many boys were blatantly and violently rejected during their mission. Ronak was branded on his arm with a cigarette. A tobacco addict threw tobacco powder in the eyes of Viral and a liquor bottle was thrown at Jignesh. At Nadiad, a pan-shop owner heaped curses and slapped the boys. In Surat a female addict threw a cooking pot at a girl and drew blood. Despite all this, the boys and girls did not flinch from their campaign.

* Artha Vin, an 11 year old boy of Maninagar, Amdavad, went up boldly to five pan-shops at Kankaria and addressed the proprietors, "Why are you trading in death? Do you know how much damage and destruction you are causing? Are you Yamraj?" The pan-shop owners were taken aback by the strict words of the boy. Artha explained that to earn their living they were dispensing pain and death to thousands. Out of the five pan-shops, three proprietors vowed to close their business and find alternative means to earn their bread and one said that he would try to close it down. When the boys asked how they would earn their living, they replied, "We will sell peanuts, grams and chocolates, but we will not trade in death."

* Ankit Thakkar of Amdavad approached a man running a mini-wheel ride for children. On learning that he had an addiction for liquor, Ankit explained to him but in a flush of anger the man began cursing and abusing. "Because of my addiction to liquor I have killed my wife and children. Now go away from here. The vociferous mini-wheel ride owner attracted the attention of pedestrians. One bystander told the children to go away. But Ankit remained determined in his mission. He told the man that he was incurring damage on his own body. On further elaborating, Ankit humbly requested him to give up the addiction for his own sake. And finally the man submitted and pledged to shake off his habit.

* Chirag Patel of Surat appealed to his grandfather who had come from Amdavad. He was impressed by his grandson's presentation and gave up his 60 year old addiction to tobacco.

* A seasoned tobacco user in Amdavad was tremendously impressed by the anti-addiction presentation from one group of girls. After pledging to abstain from his 30 year old addiction to tobacco he said, "All these years I have turned a deaf ear to my parent's exhortations. My wife and children told me to give it up but I paid no heed to them. But today, I felt that through you God was telling me to give it up. And I feel from within that I should give up my addiction."
The girls prayed for his resolve and freed him from a 30 year old shackle.

* Bhagwat Patel of Vadodara went to a slum area and approached an Ismaili. He was an addict to marijuana and said, "I also supply marijuana in this area, now what will you do?" Bhagwat boldly explained to him and eventually he vowed to give it up altogether.

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