The morning assembly commenced with prayers and speeches by the senior sadhus. The auspicious festival also saw the opening of BAPS Swaminarayan Herbal Care, a new Ayurvedic unit of Pramukh Swami Health Care at Amdavad. Swamishri declared open twenty-five herbal medicines prepared for the first time ever by the Sanstha's ayurvedic centre.
Swamishri also released a new audio cassette, Bal Sargam, bhajans sung by children and an audio cassette on thals - Jamo ne Jamadu, sung by sadhus.
The Guru Purnima blessings by Swamishri touched the importance of a Guru on the spiritual path. "The Guru is a medium who dissolves our inner ignorance. He shows the true path. We tread the path we have decided upon, but we can never attain success. One requires a Guru for spiritual elevation and progress, and to attain the qualities of truth, dharma and bhakti to please God. The Guru leads us from darkness to light. The darkness of mundane desires, 'I'ness and 'Mine'ness and addictions are difficult to remove. Only a Guru can redeem us from darkness.
"Lord Swaminarayan, to redeem infinite souls, brought Gunatitanand Swami with Him. He who was above the three gunas, had realized God and saw God in everyone...We have seen Yogiji Maharaj. He always saw the good of others. He always remained the servant of God and offered his service and devotion to Him... We should live according to the instructions and wishes of the Guru... "We pray for peace in India and the world and may the rains be plentiful this season. We pray that may God bless us with a firm conviction for Him..."

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