Mahant Swami Maharaj 90th Janma Jayanti was celebrated at Swaminarayan Vidyamandir Randesan on 7th Oct '23. The Theme was - Mahant Swami Maharaj- ‘Guno na Mahasagar’
The celebration was indeed filled with dances and excitement. The celebration began with a dance on ‘ Guno na Mahasagar Mahant Swami Jag Thi Pyara’ followed by chanting of  Mahant Ashtakam by Std 9 students. 
The most exciting part of the celebration was a game wherein one student from each standard was asked a question related to Mahant Swami Maharaj. Some of the questions were, Which game would you like to play with Swami, What if Swami Bapa calls you, Which food item will you serve to Swami Bapa. Everyone was amazed with the kind of spontaneous responses that the students gave.
It was followed by a dance and a video which highlighted his personified form of humility. It was followed by a quiz in which students of Std 10 & 12 were invited on the stage. A photo of Mahant Swami Maharaj was displayed on the screen and the students had to guess that attribute related to it. Some of them were Aagnya Palan, Ekagrata Thi Darshan, Baal Snehi, Niswadi, Shastra Palan, Thakorjini Parabhakti etc. 
Our campus Assistant Director, Mr. Bharat Mavadia was invited on the stage to address all the students on that occasion. He started with a brief explanation on why Mahant Swami Maharaj is acknowledged as ‘Guno Na Mahasagar’. He compared Mahant Swami’s character with the ocean which continuously maintains all the seasons. He discussed with all the students why they love Mahant Swami Maharaj as their Guru. He recalled the day in 2009, when Mahant Swami Maharaj laid the foundation of this school. He also highlighted the keen interest shown by Swami in knowing the detailed activities going on in the campus. 
It was followed by a small skit which highlighted SAMP, Respecting others &  Purusharth. Some qualities of Mahant Swami Maharaj were displayed on the screen. All the students were asked to select a quality that they would like to inculcate, write it on a chit given to them and offer it to the lotus feet of Mahant Swami Maharaj. The program concluded with offering flowers at the lotus feet of Mahant Swami Maharaj by all the teachers and staff members.
The devotional celebration continues to the next day as well. As the online broadacst of Mahant Swami Janma Jayanti was live telecasted, so all the students and gruh sanchalika's and gurh mata. Students performed skits, kirtans and dance. They all performed Samuh Mahapuja and Also did Samuh Arti at the end.
Everyone felt that there was a wave of divinity in the entire randesan campus for specially for these two days. 
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