The main significance of Navratri is celebrating the victory of good over evil and above all embracing the spirit of joy and oneness, and leaving behind all that is limiting and hindering our growth as spiritual beings. In Gujarat and nearby Hindu communities, it is celebrated through performance arts called Garba, accompanied by live orchestra, seasonal raga, or devotional songs.
BAPS mandirs around the world host Navratri festivities in a wholesome and religious environment which is known as Bhakti Parv. Despite the growing trend to sing and dance to pop songs in a lounge/club type of environment, the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha has been able to maintain purity in the observance of this popular Hindu festival.
In SVM Randesan, the garba evenings also known as Bhakti Parv, was celebrated on 21st and 22nd October, in which the girls offered their bhakti and performed garba at lotus feet of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and Bhakti Mata at the centre of the ground. An euphonious music was presented by Sonal Raval, Keya Raval, Dhanvi Shah, Hirva Shah, and Prachi Godbole along with canorous and mellifluous voices of Mittalben, Hetaliben, Nidhiben and the group of our students trained under their guidance. Educators, officials and our alumni students also participated in these ecstatic evenings. Students couldn’t stop themselves from enjoying the movement till midnight. Both the evenings concluded with mouthwatering and palatable food. The event became an excellent example of celebration of tradition with joy and fervour at its fullest.
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