"Our Students are our Heart". - Alumni Meet 2023 was organized to meet and give our students a chance to relive their  memories of the campus. This was our Second Alumni Meet organised on 21st of October 2023,  right a day before the Bhakti Parv started on campus.
The day started with warm welcome of all our Alumnis, which was followed by deep pragatya by our Campus Director Dr. Neeta Shah, our Guest Dr. Binal Mandanka, Hostel Warden Neeta Didi, and teachers Urmi Joshi & Rupal Purohit. The students were treated with the inspiring speech on "TIME TO SUCCESS" from Dr. Binal Mandanka. In her speech she talked about - how to keep faith in ourselves, how to fix a goal, and  how to not give up in difficult times. Further she gave few examples of France War, Bhopal Gas Leakage, and Unsinkable Titanic to emphasize on the point that how Over confidence and  Carelessness destroy our career as well as future. Moreover she insisted on the lines - Education without character is nothing, Keep yourself protected from Bad Company (Humans & Gadgets), Comparing the love - Parents  vs  Friends, and always be connected to SATSANG & follow Swami Bapa's guidance. She concluded her speech by sharing her own life experience - how the life was in hostel and how it is now, shared 3 points of success - HARDWORK, CONSISTENCY & FAITH.  She also quoted a line towards the end:- "Success is a journey, not a destination." 
Towards the end of the programme our Campus Director Dr. Neeta Shah emboldened the Alumnis - to believe in god, to be careful when you have confidence that it doesn't turn into over confidence, to keep in mind the vision of Swamibapa -"Sanskar Yukt Shikshan",  to continue and regular reading of Satsang Books, to do Puja & Ahnik regularly, and to be a good human being. 
The Alumnis shared their experiences and stories of their success, they laughed and even shed a few tears as they reflected on the memories they once shared here on campus. It was a blast from the past as they all gathered to reconnect and reminisce about their school & hostel life. 
At the end of the meet, Rupal Purohit came for Vote of Thanks which was electrifying in itself, she quickly joined the dots of the entire event by asking students to be grateful towards their parents, state, country and importantly towards  Maharaj Swami & Guru Varyas. She also said that -"In our success journey everyone around us have played some or the other role like - Our Parents, Teachers and Friends, so never take them for granted." She also added that all the students are always welcomed in the campus. Last but not the least she quoted a line which touched everyone - "સત્સંગ હશે તો સ્થિરતા રહેશે, છકી પણ નહીં જવાય અને ડગી પણ નહીં જવાય."
In conclusion, the alumni meet was a resounding success which fostered the real time qualities, experiences, sense of camaraderie and rekindling the spirit of their alma mater.


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