Swaminarayan Vidyamandir Randesan witnessed the visit of Mrs. Neetaben Hargovindbhai Desai (DCP Traffic, Ahmedabad West). Neeta mam welcomed Mrs. Neetaben Desai to campus with a boquet of flowers made by students.

Guidance for Personal and Professional development of students

Mrs. Neetaben Desai recalled when she met Neeta mam for the first time, and Neeta mam invited her to visit our campus. Mrs. Neetaben Desai said- “I am like a student; the only difference is I have grown up.”

She said she participated in many activities when she was young, which has helped immensely in her personality development. As she grew up, she always excelled in her studies, and her parents were also teachers. For her, her father was an inspiration. She said, “When you have taken birth, you need to find your godfather who will take you to the right path.”

After completing the necessary education, she got selected as a teacher, but her father motivated her to study further. Her father encouraged her to prepare for the GPSC exam. She also studied in a girl’s school and faced social barriers. Having family responsibilities, a husband, and kids, she knew she had to study significantly more than the other students. After appearing for exams, she finally became a Class I officer. She said, “If you want to progress, no one can stop you. God will create the right atmosphere for your success”.

After clearing the exam, people demotivated her when she was required to give the physical test. Still, she countered every negative thought with a positive thought. She slept for only 3 hours while preparing for the interview. After which, she underwent training for 1 year and three months of commando training and passed. She said, “Theory of success is that you should think from your heart.” She also motivated all the girls that being a girl, and a woman is not your weakness. Instead, one must make it a strength. “Being a woman, one should never feel weak; we have to be mentally strong” “Be fearless, be brave, and I wish that you all achieve progress more than me.”

She also said that the students here have the right atmosphere and upbringing, and you are the bright future of our society.

It was followed by a vote of thanks from our Assistant Director, Mr. Bharat Mavadia, and Director, Dr. Neeta Shah. Citing the example of Henry Ford, Mr. Bharat Mavadia urged them to overcome mental blocks and take this opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Our respected director, Dr. Neeta Shah, recalled when Mrs. Neeta Desai came for Swamishree’s darshan to shahibaug. She also said that Mrs. Neetaben Desai is an excellent example for all our students as her uniform colors match the color of the student’s uniforms.

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