A career is something you live with your whole life. Whoever chooses it well, they live their career and those who choose wrongly, they bear with that their whole life. For adolescents, choosing a career is one of the major concerns. Some of them are lucky enough to have the awareness of different careers, guidance, opportunity to select one, favourable circumstances and self-confidence to choose one career from many. Some may find it difficult when they lack any of these.

Career guidance activity has the aim to help adolescents to choose their career with awareness of different fields, guidance, self-awareness and Self-confidence.

As a part of these activities, the students of Class XI have organised a Career Exhibition “The World of Careers” under the guidance of the Counselor, Dr Shraddha Acharya, on 20th January 2022.

For this exhibition, students have presented 31 different career options after class XI.







 Cloud Computing


 Artificial Intelligence



 Diploma to Degree








 Mass Media


  Hotel Management


 Performing Arts

 Lab Technician



 Vocational Courses- Diploma Course after   class 12th (Boutique Management, Lab   technician, Diet Nutritionist)



Students had done research on these fields on certain criteria and made the charts. They included the points like:

●       Degree

●       Profession

●       Specialization

●       Entrance

●       Colleges/ Universities offering the course

●       Duration for completing the course

●       Necessary Skills and Personality characteristics

●       Employers

●       Work profile/ duties

●       Salary

Respected Dr Neeta ma’am and Bharat sir, students of class 10,11 and 12, teachers and YTK students-staff visited the exhibition. Students of class 11 have described their charts in front of each group and answered the queries with confidence.

The exhibition made students realize the availability of so many options of professions and not only the Doctor, Engineer, and Government sector, which resulted in curiosity, interest and motivation to study a particular subject/ work hard.

Apart from the career, students who presented the charts, for them, this was the chance to bring out their potential, skills and creativity. The way of displaying the information or the way of presentation, students did an excellent job. Which in return made them stand in front of the group and put their words with confidence.

Putting it into a nutshell, the exhibition resulted in gaining knowledge, awareness, better Communication Skills, Self Confidence, Creativity, teamwork, hard work, punctuality, discipline, responsibility, motivation and lots of enjoyment!


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