Theme: Infinite Fun with Surroundings
BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Randesan, celebrated Science Week from 27th to 31st December. Students of standard V to IX and XI participated with enthusiasm in this event. The objective of this competition was not only inculcate scientific attitude and research mindedness but also create interest in science. Class wise different activities were organized in school during this week. A special assembly was conducted to highlight the theme ‘Infinite Fun with Surroundings’ through different experiments, skit and a dance performance on plastic pollution. The students gave a hard hitting message on the need of conserving nature.
Keeping in sync with the theme, a number of activities were organised. standard V students learnt about different vitamins through an interesting song and live worksheet. They have also performed an experiment and learn how to use first-aid kit. The students of standard VI participated in poster competition, prepared biocompost by their own. They have also performed live experiments with water, balloon and fire and executed practicals with magnets.Standard VII students participated in poster/model and scientific quiz competition. They have learnt how spectrum forms with the help of prism and concept of Newton’s disc. They have performed experiments on acid-base reactions, viscosity and water travelling through filter paper. The students of standard VIII performed experiments on electrolysis and electroplating, mono-acting on cell organelles and skits on defects of eyes and water treatment plant. They have seen permanent slides of amoeba, fungus, leaf, cucumber stem and algae. Standard IX students have presented posters and gave detail demonstration on different models like neuron and DNA structure. They have performed experiments on Buoyancy, Archimedes principle, Elephant tooth,  Chromatography, Viscosity and Balloon gravity. They have learnt scientific technique of how to blow up a balloon with the help of baking soda and vinegar. They have seen slides like banana root, onion cell and stomata through compound microscope. The students of Standard XI made a working model on pendulum waves and through that they have learnt simple harmonic motion, tested hardness of water and prepared numerous charts.
Throughout the whole week students from each class performed outside activities during the break time like videos through VR box and magnifying glass, Periscope. They have learnt elements from the banner of a periodic table by performing a live quiz. They have learnt Newton’s Laws of Motion and concepts of distance, displacement and speed with live examples. They have performed a ‘Nukkad Natak’ on why do we fall ill? 
The week was a success as the students enjoyed the activities. It was fun learning for the students. Campus Director Dr. Neeta Shah appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers.
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