MATHS WEEK – Experiencing the magic of numbers and patterns

Shri Swaminarayan Vidya Mandir, Randesan celebrated Math’s week, which was organized by the Math’s department for the students of classes 5,6,7 & 8 from 24th November 2021 to 30th November 2021.The students excitedly took part in various activities and competitions which were meticulously planned by the teachers of the math’s department.

In view of pandemic, it was not possible to hold events for all the students together. Hence all the activities were planned according to individual classes. The school soft boards and bulletin boards were decorated with interesting Mathematical facts and famous puzzles related to numbers. Mathematics Tambola Game was conducted for students and teachers. Students and teachers participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students of class 5 celebrated the Math’s week online. They presented mathematical tables wearing mathematical head gear, recited mathematical rhymes, played games and fun filled activities were conducted.

The students of class 6 performed action songs on fractions and played games and puzzles. The students of classes 7 & 8 played number games, explained 2D and 3D shapes, solved puzzles related to numbers and shapes, played mathematical relay race among many other interesting activities. Interactive quizzes were conducted by the students and were enjoyed by both the students and the teachers as well.

Mathematics week was concluded with a mesmerizing program on the theme MATHEMATICS FOR A BETTER WORLD. Students presented skit, songs, they also presented the life and work of famous Indian Mathematicians highlighting their invaluable contribution to the fields of Maths , Science and Astronomy.

The event was successful in intriguing the students about the exiting world that is MATHEMATICS. The happiness and excitement shown by the students while participating in these activities was the best reward for their teachers.




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