14TH JANUARY 2020, the kite flying day at SVM Randesan started with a great burst of joy and excitement. The students of grade 10th and 11th along with teachers and YTK Yuvatis had gathered at Grand Stairs of the campus. The enthusiasm and happiness seen on the faces of every one. Within few minutes the sky - our Randesan campus was covered with various colored and shaped kites. We had snacks like different granola bars (chikki) chakri, chevda, sweets etc. we enjoyed both eating and playing.
In the afternoon we hand lunch. In lunch we enjoyed samosas, jalebis and undhyu. We also ate sugarcane after that. Again everyone reached at grand stairs. There was no limit to the zeal and over blaming bliss of the students. Till evening everyone enjoyed flying kites and having luscious meals. We all clicked awesome photo-graphs on grand stairs. Together we celebrated  uttrayan amazingly.
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