At SVM Randesan we have always emphasized on taking the learning beyond textbook, education beyond classroom and understanding beyond blackboard. Thus a Fest is organized where the students would 'celebrate' the subjects rather than merely 'studying ' it. 
Math fest 2019 was organized from 23rd September to 28th September 2019. Classes 5 to 9 participated in this fest with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. There were number of activities connected with numbers, lines, figures etc. which students performed with lot of hard work and joy. Whole week the assembly was presented with variety of programs like dance performance on different mathematical shapes, melodious song Do you like Maths ? Solving Rubik’s cube puzzle, dance performance on song based on mathematical symbols, Power point presentation and skit on Maths is everywhere. Each class with number of students joined in it with joy and happiness. 
During this week soft boards were decorated with variety of ideas like 1) greeting cards with mathematical thoughts, 2) Poster making by each class 3) Circular designs 4) Line segment designs 5) Mathematical puzzles etc. Even the floors of lobbies smiled with circular figures, Each Math lecture had fun activity with Maths-away from routine curriculum. Due to this celebration,whole week each and every child was in unique calculation mood, moving around with Rubik’s cube excercizing their brains. One of the desierd outcome of this was that students came out of boredom of Maths and started loving the subject.
So MATH FEST 2019 was proved motivating and encouraging.
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