A National-level Yuva Adhiveshan for Chhatralaya section was organized on 7th June, 2019, in Sarangpur.
Out of 190 Yuvatis who participated in Regional level adhiveshan at BAPS Chatralaya, Randesan, 34 yuvatis had qualified for National Level Adhiveshan. They reached via special bus from randesan to Sarangpur and post registration participated in Opening Ceremony. The grand opening ceremony was held in the presence of HH Mahant Swami Maharaj on 6th June, 2019. Thousands of yuvak-yuvatis had gathered to perform their best and attain Swamishri’s ‘rajipo’. It appeared as if Vachanamrut manifested in its actual form in Sarangpur! Fighting through all the odds, Yuvatis, with untiring perseverance, prepared and performed beyond the expectations of judges.
34 Yuvatis of BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Randesan had participated in various competitions and all 34 of them had won prizes in various categories, with one yuvati getting 2 prizes. All the participants have won the tally in vachnamrut Memorization (Mukhpath). With the tally of 35 prizes, Swaminarayan Vidyamandir Randesan topped the charts in their category! Adhiveshan was followed by a one-day shibir with a central idea of Nishthavan Bhava’. Below is the list of all 34 yuvatis who participated in Adhivesahan and earned Rajipo of Pragat Satpurush. 
No.  Name  Grade  Spardha Name  Keshtra
 Khushi P. Gadhiya  Grade 2   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Aayushi V. Nakum   Grade 2   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Hetvi V. Patel   Grade 2   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Grisa K. Desai   Grade 2   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Krina T. Patel   Grade 3 Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Dhara B. Rathva   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Charmi H. Soni   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Prachi G. Chaudhary   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
 Isha B. Patel   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
10   Khushi R. Patel   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
11   Smurti P. Gelani   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
12   Disha K. Sojitra    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
13   Stuti N. Gohil   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
14   Krupali B. Rathva    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
15   Palak A. Ghetiya    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
16   Kirti H. Goriya    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
17   Krina V. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
18   Khushi M. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
19   Tulshi A. Savaliya   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
20   Parthavi M. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
21   Harshvi P. Rathva   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
22   Krisha K. Patel   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
23   Hisha U. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
24   Himandri R. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
25   Hetvi A. Parmar   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
26   Krishna D. Dave    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
27   Mahek V. Pabari   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
28   Akshita H. Sorathiya    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
29   Bhakti H. Mamtora   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
30   Madhvi N. Patel    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
31   Hasti R. Bhatiya   Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
32   Vaishnavi D. Barot    Grade 3  Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
33   Mahek P. Rudani   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
34   Sakshi J. Patel   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Memorization  Randesan(Chhatralay)
35   Dhara B. Rathva   Grade 3   Vachanamrut Elaboration  Randesan(Chhatralay)


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