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In science, it is important to modify and change ones' ideas as science advances.

- Herbert Spencer


And to pursue such scientific inquiry, the National Science Day was observed at BAPS Swaminarayan Vidyamandir, Randesan on 28th February 2018. This day is observed in memory of Nobel laureate, Sir C. V. Raman, best known for introducing the world with "Raman Effect".


On this day we hosted Sh. Sanat Jethava (Head- India Site Operations, TCS), an IT Expert with experience of over 27 years.  In the assembly, students had a special presentation which started with News in science and then 5 experiments were performed live on stage:


1. Rainbow in glass (To understand different densities of liquids)

2. Fire Extinguisher (Knowing basic principle of a fire extinguisher)

3. Conduction of Heat (Handkerchief on the flame, without burning: Understanding conduction method of heat transfer & Ignition point)

4. Elephant toothpaste (Understanding role of catalyst, and exothermal reaction)

5. Cloud in glass (Learning about super absorbent)

After this, Sh. Sanat Mehta spoke on uses and misuses of science and how to best utilize science in life. He also talked about the developing trends in science in the contemporary world. 

Towards the end, students also got words of sapient advice from Dr. Neeta Shah (Campus Director) about the significance of Science Day and also science in our lives. 
It was a novel experience for all to witness the experiments on stage like a dance or drama.



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