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The science of simplicity should be the simplicity of science. Instead of textbooks and complex formulas, it should be live in front of eyes. An approach that is capable of encouraging the scientific temper in students as well as making them understand the science that exists in everyday life. We live in a technically sophisticated world, and to meet the challenges awaiting in real world, it is necessary to pay special attention for creating an atmosphere which will attract and nourish, young talented students for innovative scientific and technical activities.

With this approach, a science fair was organised by our institute where students got a platform to explore their scientific skills and creativity. Nature of Projects was innovative, scientific and technological research oriented. The students were involved in all stages of the Science Fair like fabrication of working model and preparing prototype, consumables, low-cost equipment, contingency etc.   

This was done to provide students with the opportunity to apply Chemistry, Physics, and Biology related concepts and to develop an interest among students to engage in any scientific work – as was reflected in their active participation and involvement in the project. The teachers provided required guidance for the projects and models. Total 43 projects were displayed. 


The list of projects & models:


Energy from Garbage


Composting Food Scraps:

Circulatory System

Green House Project

Endocrine System

Wormy Compost

Skeletal System

Reusing trash

Sensory Organs

Effects of pollution on plants

Animal Cell Structre

Energy Efficient Window

Plant Cell

Compost Ingredients

Exceration System

Food Web

Eye Structure

Food Chain

Ear Structure


Bacterial Cell

Sources of Energy

Heart Structure

Recycling of Paper

Nervous System

Soil Erosion

Root System

Air and Salt Water Battery

Water Cycle

Simple Electric Circuit


Double Helix DNA

Constitutes of Diet

Digestive System

Parts of Plants

Simple Machine

Important Vitamin




Taste Buds


Living and Non-living


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