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Art is a place for children to learn, to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible. – MaryAnn F. Kohl

After the week-long exams, the Drawing Competition came as whiff of freshness for students. All the students prepared for it for 2 days and were extremely excited for the event. They went around the campus for inspiration to paint their paper canvas. On the day all the girls came to the Sports hall and quickly settled down to draw. “Imagination is the key here. Lines, colors, tints follow their course. Drawing is first in mind, it just solidifies on paper” was the message that Art teacher Mrs. Smita Bhavasar gave students before the start.

Different pencils, scales, erasers, cloths, water cups, colour dishes, Pastel, water colours.. Art was in the air! School, sports, yogasana, nature, plants, home, family, temple, divinity etc were being drawn. It seemed as if the ambience and actions internalised by students was being articulated on a piece of paper. Creativity sat on pencils and ideas floated on colours. “I enjoy painting; it doesn’t occur to me if the painting is good enough or not. I just pray and paint” said one of the students whose work was awe-inspiring. Refreshed and satisfied the students submitted their drawings and retired to hostel.

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