Rising stress is a direct outcome of today’s fast paced, competitive world. Your lifestyle adversely affects your health, slowly but surely, in more ways than you can ever imagine. In such a scenario, good health is a precious commodity for each and every individual.
Good health is the foundation of a happy, productive and rewarding life. A wide range of health problems can be managed more effectively if detected early.
A health check-up is the first step in finding ways to maintain continuous good health at all times. BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital offers a variety of Health Check-up packages consisting of a range of checks to determine and prevent the occurrence or presence of signals indicating ill health and paving the way for wellness.
BAPS health check up department provides all services under one roof including sample collection, imaging and cardiac testing (2D echo and stress test), doctor’s consultations, etc.

Health Check Up Packages

Guidelines for Health Checkup

Prior appointment is recommended. You may take an appointment in person or over the phone.
  • Please report to the Health Check up reception on the ground floor between 8.00 am to 10.30 am.
  • For Fasting Blood Sugar & Lipid Profile tests overnight fasting and abstinence from oil, meat and alcohol for dinner on the evening before is essential.
  • A minimum of 12 hours fasting is essential prior to the check-up. You may drink water during this period
  • Avoid exercise in the morning on day of health check up
  • Please wear minimum jewellery, comfortable attire and footwear on the day of health check.
  • You are requested to wear speactacles and avoid contact lenses on the day of the checkup..Ophthalmiccheckup may require dilatation of pupils and the person may not be able to drive for 3-4 hours post dilatation.
  • Please bring morning sample of your urine and stool in a small sterile plastic containers available at our OPD customer care desk a day in advance.
  • For Spirometry / Pulmonary Function test intake of inhalers needs to be avoided for 24 hours, hence candidate should consult their prescribing physician
  • You are requested to clean the wax from ears if you are choosing package which includes audiometry
  • Avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of the check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets with you to take it with the breakfast.
  • Additional tests/ consultations / procedures if requested or resulting from the health check up will be billed separately
  • Company sponsored clients are requested to bring their referral / authorization letter and Employee ID.
  • Pap smear & Urine test cannot be carried out for ladies during their menstrual period.
  • Please inform us if you are pregnant before going for X-ray as radiation can harm the foetus
  • Gentlemen are requested to come with a clean shaven chest for the Stress Test
  • If you are registered with our hospital please bring any old bills or MR no.
  • There will be optimal waiting time for each tests as per your selected package

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Health Checkup Information

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