EECP is Non-Invasive safe treatment option recommended by USA FDA, American college of cardiology and European society of cardiology to improve the blood flow to the heart muscle beyond the obstructed coronary arteries. The treatment is provided by EECP treatment system (equipment) by compressing the lower legs with pre-determined air pressure in synchronization with person’s ECG with micro second precision to enhance the Heart function. The treatment is provided for one hour a day for 35 days. The compression in the lower leg will increase the blood flow to all the organs in the body. This accelerated blood flow across the vascular system of the body will simulate an internal environment of an aggressive exercise thereby helping the treatment subject to achieve lasting benefit in a period of 6 weeks without any efforts. EECP is the only non-invasive treatment in the world, which has shown to simulate natural angiogenesis (New vessel formation) in heart muscle to bypass the obstructed coronary arteries.

Advantages of EECP

  • Non Invasive
  • Admission not required
  • Low risk
  • No additional medication required
  • No recuperation time required
  • No side effect