Education Facilities:

Swaminarayan Vidyamandir Kherva Mahesana, constantly endeavours to impart a quality education focusing on a well-designed curricula with:
  1. Well-planned school buildings with large, fully ventilated classrooms and laboratories inspiring children to learn attentively and without any disturbances
  2. Well-trained and committed faculties
  3. Support staff committed to the holistic development of every student
  4. Emphasis on lesson planning, classroom performance & extra-curricular activities
  5. Meaningful interactions with parents and regular student progress reports
  6. Efficient governance by a team of experienced and dedicated administrators
  7. Use of up-to-date teaching technologies to enhance students’ learning experience
  8. We also conduct classes for JEE Advance and NEET Advance for IIT NIT, Medical and AIIMS with teaching faculties from KOTA IIT Delhi, Kanpur and Roorkee etc.
Simultaneously with the NCERT syllabus, we teach from reference books in Maths and Science subjects in all sandards, to strengthen a foundation in IIT, NEET, GPSC, UPSC, CA Foundation, Reasoning, Aptitude and Basic Maths.

Other Educational Facilities:

  1. Timings – 7:30am to 12.30pm English Medium and 12;30pm to 5:30pm Gujarati Medium Compared to other School More Periods are taken to sharpen the Student’s skils in Maths & Seience.
  2. No tuition classes: Excellent education in school is provided and results achieved without any tuition classes. Remedial coaching is provided for students who require extra help.
  3. Group discussions: Group discussions of students are held with teachers and other students regularly. Students can discuss study- related issues openly and freely with teachers and with other student
  4. Caretaker: For every 50 to 70 students, one care- taker gives personal attention to student’s studies, discipline and character development
  5. Reading periods: Reading periods are held daily giving students sufficient time to complete their study assignments.
  6. Computer-centre and Computer-classes: A well- facilitated computer lab allows students to learn word-processing, graphic design, database design, programming, the internet etc
  7. Video-based education: Weekly video education sessions provide educational, Satsang, character-building, science and entertainment through a variety of multi-media CDs and DVDs
  8. Science laboratories: Well-equipped labs help to enhance students’ practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  9. Reading Halls: Special facilities have been provided for students where they can read without disturbance in a quiet, well-lit and well- ventilated environment. Supervisors also help to maintain a peaceful environment
  10. Exams: Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Instant exams help students and teachers constantly monitor students’ progress. A yearly syllabus plan Lecture Plan is prepared and shared with all the students.
  11. Guidance to Teacher and Staff: Teacher and staff receive guidance regularly.

Supporting Facilities:

  1. Students Halls: Six well-organized accommodation halls with a total of 200 rooms. Each room can accommodate 10 students
  2. Assembly Hall: A large prayer hall that can accommodate 2000 students for morning and evening prayers. Educational, cultural and spiritual activities are conducted in this well- facilitated hall. In addition to this, four smaller halls with the capacity of 400 students each, are used for other activities
  3. Kitchen: A large modern kitchen with a dining hall where students are served tasty, nutritious and vegetarian food three times a day.
  4. Drinking Water: Filter Plants and RO Plants for drinking water are available all over the campus
  5. Consumer Store: A convenient consumer store provides provisions for daily requirements such as stationary, soap, toothpaste, brush, light snacks, etc.
  6. Student Bank: Students are able to purchase their daily requirements through an I-card through the student bank. Thereby, students are not required to carry cash
  7. Dispensary: Doctors regularly visit the school to provide health services to students
  8. Tailoring, Hair-cutting, Xerox, and general store facilities also available
  9. Accommodation for staff members are available inside the campus only

Sports & Gymnasium:

  1. Playground: The campus includes a large playground where students can play outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball, etc.
  2. Indoor play facilities: Students also have ample facilities for indoor games like carom, chess, snooker and other mind-building boards games are also provided to students
  3. Gymnasium: A large gymnasium helps students to develop and maintain their physical fitness. Yoga-Asana are also taught to students
  4. Sports competitions: Sports competitions are held yearly where students display their physical capabilities through a variety of races and games like cricket. Routine competitions are also held throughout the school year

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