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The Teacher’s Training Programme culminated into a truly enlightening experience for three days in the Parishad Hall at BAPS Shastriji Maharaj Hospital, Vadodara. A lot of enthusiasm and energy was exhibited by the teachers on all the three days when eminent Resource persons came to deliver the lecture sessions. Great stalwarts like Mr Nirmal Parikh, Ms Anshu Manchanda  and  Dr Mukesh Dalal envisioned the teachers with a deep insight as to how to play a role of a teacher in this 21st century. On the last day, Pujya Gyanvatsal Swami took an enchanting session on “Who is HDH Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj?” with a great amount of examples, Gyanvatsal Swamiji drew a live sketch of HDH Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj on the minds of the teachers. A courteous welcome by the hospital staff, great savouring of meals at the Mandir, the seminar was a delight for all. This endeavour of the management came to its true value with the blessings of Bhagwan Swaminarayan and the spiritual lineage of the Sadgurus.

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