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Shastriji Maharaj often came to Bombay for preaching purposes and whilst in the Dadar area, he once predicted: "Here in the centre of the city, a mandir will be built." Yogiji Maharaj continued the work of his Guru, and, soon satsang in Bombay started to flourish. A youth centre was established and many saints of the fold were stationed here for higher studies. A small building in Dadar - Akshar Bhuvan was established as Hari Mandir by Yogiji Maharaj in 1961 and he predicted: "In future, a beautiful spired mandir will be built here." In due course, the small building was converted to a 6-storey building bustling with spiritual activities.

Adjacent to this building, a beautiful 3-spired mandir has been erected out of pink stone complete with intricate carvings sculptured in true Indian architectural style. Yogiji Maharaj passed away in Bombay in 1971 and a rotating pillar has been erected at the very spot where his body was placed prior to its transfer to Gondal for the final rites.

The pinnacled mandir stands opposite Dadar Central Railway Station and was opened amidst great fanfare as part of the 63rd birthday celebrations of Pramukh Swami Maharraj.

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