1. In-depth study of language and grammar: Before commencing their Bachelor-level course, Mahavidyalay students first learn how to speak, read and comprehend Sanskrit. This 12-month prerequisite learning prepares students for upcoming study of Sanskrit scriptures.
  2. Learning through teaching: Through the peer tutoring program, senior students tutor junior students. This leads to better learning and deeper understanding for both junior and se¬nior students. Students even conduct online tutoring sessions with international students, further strengthening their own education.
  3. Classes for effective learning: Creative study technique classes are regularly organised to help students increase their ability to capture and retain knowledge.
  4. Personal mentoring: In addition to regular classes, each student is guided by a mentor who understands their personal needs and helps them to constantly progress.
  5. Language classes: Along with Sanskrit, Mahavidyalay students also become proficient in English, Hindi and Gujarati, enabling students to become skilled communicators. “Expression Assemblies” are organized so students can develop confidence in articulating their thoughts in various languages.
  6. Discussions with experts: Through discussions and Q&A sessions, students are informed and guided by subject-matter experts in varying branches of learning. Online resources are also made available so students can benefit from the expertise of international scholars.
  7. Presenting at conferences: Students are taught the art of writing an academic research paper, and gain invaluable experience by presenting at national and international conferences.
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