This ‘Guess What?’ game application has been adapted from the original card game and will allow youngsters and adults alike to learn, interact and gain knowledge while having fun in the process. The application serves as an interactive and entertaining way to better understand and engage with Hindu and Satsang beliefs, festivals, rituals, times, scriptures, places, people and practices.
- All games will require a minimum of 2 players.
- Choose from any of the 6 games:
1. Describe It
2. Guess It
3. Act It
4. Draw It
5. Spell It
6. Pronounce It
- Then choose a level you and your players are comfortable with – basic or advanced
- Each of the games uses the same set of keywords but are played and used in different ways.
- The main aim of each game is for players to make their friends/team guess the keyword at the top.
- If the answer is given correctly, click on the ‘4’ to receive a new randomised word or click on the ‘8’ for incorrect answers or to skip a word.
- Each round only lasts 90 seconds.
- Once all groups have finished playing, the scores and incorrect answers can be reviewed.
Topics within the pack of 450 cards:
1. Sacred Festivals
2. Sacred Scriptures
3. Sacred Rituals
4. Sacred Places
5. Sacred Objects
6. Sacred Times
7. Special People
We are sure these games will generate lots of fun moments and excitement to those who play.

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