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During his time at Vadtal, for five years Shastriji Mahaaj was Mahant of the local Swaminarayan mandir in Sarangpur, which he converted from a small shrine into a beautiful mandir. Whilst going from the mandir to bathe at the stepwell Narayan Kund, Shastriji Maharaj often said: "I see a three pinnacled mandir here."

After constructing the first mandir in Bochasan, Shastriji Maharaj decided to build the second mandir in Sarangpur to fulfil Lord Swaminarayan's promise to Jiva Khachar. It was an uphill struggle from day one. The opponents spread hostile propaganda discouraging anyone from giving support to Shastriji Maharaj's work. There was a shortage of manpower, funds and equipment. The saints had to beg for alms, grains and even buttermilk from the neighbouring villages.

What little they received, they cooked in kerosene tins on log fires. Despite these difficulties, the saints and devotees remained enthusiastic in their services. Shastriji Maharaj and Yogiji Maharaj personally helped out in the construction work. (During the installation ceremony, the mirror held by Shastriji Maaraj before the images cracked into pieces.)

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